Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mini septembers

phew... 3/4 of a year is soon to be gone, and what have i achieved/ failed...? This is what I've been wondering lately. We so often rush through each day, and by the time we know it - its december already!

i'm so tight with my SB time lately, and i wished to quickly complete my little one's 1st year album before the memories get stale ;) She is already 18months now!

Felt in love with this polaroid mini that I made for my old friend, Annie. For her to bring back to Taiwan. In fact, I think I'm gonna make more of these cute minis!

Then, it was our Big Boss' birthday, and we so aptly have a teambuilding event 2 weeks before his birthday. So I had this Oscar mini album with all our wishes scribbled over it as his birthday gift.

we cant help but HAVE to buy this Boss award from USS :)

looking forward to more creative juice coming!!