Sunday, May 22, 2011

{Shervelle in four}

This LO was prepped in advance for my niece's 4th birthday without the pic, in April. Finally, I have some time on hand to edit the pictures taken on her birthday, and made this LO complete :) One LO since I last did LO in end of March!

very simple techniques are used here: paper tearing, layering of primas (lots of it), and fussy-cut some cupcakes from BG paper. I love the cupcakes on this BG paper:) Even the big digit four was cut out from some leftover PP ;)

these resins from MM are lovely, would like to have more even though its adhesive does not last. Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

i want to REMEMBER these moments...

what started out to be just a 15min simple & quick birthday card for my dear colleague at work - turned out to be a mini polaroid album, that i so love the effect! sometimes when u just have the mojo, its gets unstoppable ;)

I'm gonna make more of these for 'backup' occasions when i need a quick card.

lovely BG chipboard stickers rise to the occasion

yes, we are planning to do a french lunch for her!

hidden tags to write our birthday wishes

and completed with polaroids taken during lunch

and a close up of me, with the birthday girl!

Have a nice weekend, TGIF soon!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

just for my best friend - {happy shopping}

i haven't really been scrapping alot due to busy work and stuff happening at the homefront. managed to scrap this gift voucher cum bday card for my best friend whose birthday is today:)
i loved the effects of pearls, gems & ribbons - how feminine right!

close up on the details

i handsewn a couple of felties that can be turned to bellies at my disposal. i tot it was a little smart idea - time saving, cost saving and so original coz each piece is handmade:)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

just some ranting

i havent been scrapping much but i certainly have made an effort to keep my tools tidy & neat, save myself from nagging by dear hubby.

i'm seeing lots of organising bags in the stores and was tempted to get one. But after much consideration, and looking thru the amount of bags and pouches that I owned (i bet all women does!!) - i decided to convert this Elle mini bag into an organiser for my SB tool.

This is a GWP from a Taiwanese mag during my honeymoon in 2006 (wah seh...i sure hoard it for a long time rite) and finally it get to see some daylight out of my storage box!

hope it stays this neat for a long long time!

i've been clearing my stash so that I don't overstock and was saddened to see that this is not acid-free after all! this is an AC album I got from attending a Laines class in 2009 - and was sad to see yellow spots appearing on my cover :( Pls do not claim it is acid free if it is not. Rather upset.

Happy Mother's Day

April is a busy month for me, with work picking up, a farewell album for a colleague and a commissioned project u seen im my earlier post.

So on the very last week of April, i scrambled to make this jumbo paper clips as goody bag toppers for the mummies @ work.

I got this idea from my ever creative Aunt April, who gave me a bunch of such paperclips for xmas. Of coz, hers is so much detailed and prettier! I did all this in a nite and glad they turned out okay ;)

the jumbo paper clips are from Daiso, and certainly carry some weight!

a goody bag of relaxing tea, Brand's Innershine and a facial mask. Way to go mummies!

Commissioned work {all abt me}

April commissioned this album for her nephew's 2yo birthday - and this is what kept me busy last month:) An 8by8 album dedicated to little brave little boy, Cepheus!

cover look

some LO details...

Friday, May 13, 2011

sew fun!

This is not scrapbook related, but i tot it was nice to share:)

i havent been doing sewing for the longest time, and wanted to get in touch with my machine again. so here i bought some fat quarters from an online store and got my fingers moving:) in barely 2hrs while the girls were napping one evening, i whipped up two simple bolstercases, 2 coasters and a beansprout pillow with removable cover!

these were done in april, but took me sooooo long to blog it!

bought two fat quarters to make bolster pillowcases for my two princesses, and the leftovers - became coasters:) talk abt stretching my dollar!

a bolster pillowcase for en - she brings to the childcare now:)

i also sew a beansprout pillow for a colleague who gave birth in April to a chubby bb boy:) tot it would be a more useful and practical gift than any store bought gift sets:)

looking forward to more time for sewing!