Friday, December 31, 2010

last day of 2010...

so this is the last day of 2010:) What will you be doing today? Spending some solitude time recapping the past one year of good and bad times? Be at some countdown parties in town, or just hanging out on the couch with a few friends or loved ones? or its just another day for you?

Whatever you plan to do, I wish you joy, happiness and peace for the coming New Year:)

As for me, I've had a good lunch to reward ourselves for 2010, and hopefully to start off a good year again with my colleagues. Tonight, we will be going out for a simple dinner and stayed at home for some videos just to countdown to the New Year!

Thanks to all my friends who remembered my hobby and gave me lovely scrap supplies as xmas gifts! wow, I feel very pampered indeed!

..and an altered frame from Faith! Woah.. I haven't received a SB gift for a long long time and thank u pal!
Last but not least, want to share with you lovely paper clips from my Aunt April:) How clever, and I'm so tempted to make a few of such!

Happy 2011!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

our DIY xmas tree and her goody bag tags...

In the middle of overwhelming age of "consumerism & commercialism", I hope to seek simplicity in life.

A little heartwarming story to share..

En was crying for a xmas tree coz she said “my cherie hearts school have it, our neighbours have it, and even the block opp us many houses have it”…so on 17th Dec NIGHT… I cut a diaper carton box and we painted the xmas tree together.. and put up one… she was so happy. We stayed up past midnite to finish this tree, and the first thing in the morning when she woke up, she did not ran to me surprisingly, she ran to the living room to ensure her xmas tree is STILL there. She proudly showed off her Xmas Tree to my other family members who came to celebrate Xmas and her birthday that weekend, saying “I made this xmas tree with my mummy ok”. To me, that was the most ugly xmas tree that I had in my 34yrs!

Kids taught us that happiness is actually more affordable than we thought, if we could live simply. No need real trees, or expensive decorated trees, no nid LV/tiffany/ big cars or big house…just some creativity and solid time spent togetherJ

Thinking of the challenges coming in 2011 makes me excited and of coz anxious as well, but having a correct and positive mindset should see us through the tough times. So enjoy the rest of 2010 and brace up for a good 2011. So my resolution would be “whine less, do more, reap most!”

xmas tree made with lots of love

goody bags for en's 4YO party at home and in school - bubbles, crayons, coloring books, stamps, and some healthy snacks

tags for her classmates.
The animal theme canvas bags can be used to hold their waterbottle or lunchboxes for their outdoor days. I tot this makes a more practical gift that just buying plastic/paper giftbags which will be thrown away after all the goodies inside are consumed..

Snowman Charm Pens for Teachers

Bought some lovely snowman charm pens for En's teachers, the pens are really practical with 6 different colored ink and so festive:)

recycle a EYS box to hold the pens. Just paste over with leftover xmas wrappers, a nice ribbon and a sticker - bingo! No need for commercial bought giftbox

cut these circles from a Autumn Leave's Xmas paper kept for many years - to use as tags. So fun and fast!

string on the tag to the charm... pretty!

i actually quite love these pens, and they write smoothly too!

My First Bottlecap Tag

went pre-xmas shopping with PP and chanced upon these bottlecaps at MWL. So I decided to scrap a xmas tag for her even though I have already given her the xmas gift in advance. Heheh.

My first experience with bottlecap is fun fun fun! I should have more tiny knick knacks to add zest to the bottlecap, but then, simple is nice too. Can't wait to get my hands creating more of this!

gingerbread man sitting on the edge of the bottlecap

the full view..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

xmas gifts for the office, principal & the yeos

phew~! I started in Nov to get all the gifts done, so Dec was rather stress-free and there is ample time for wrapping gifts:)

for the office folks...most pracitical gift

a note book for the very warm principal @ En's school

and a card & sketchbook for the Yeos all the way from Singapore to USA
this theme simply reminds me of the beautiful photos taken by Nicole of her walks with Cheyenne and Eric at the many parks they visited

Sunday, December 26, 2010

out of the door they went~!

phew~! it was a crazy week running up to christmas with orders and goody bags prep for En's birthday. I wonder how did I manage but then I did it again!

orders waiting for the courier man

nicely packaged - hopefully its still in mint condition when it reaches the recipient's hands

photo frame (without pic so your recipient could add in their 3R size) - Adore The Lee

"house of tan"

"lim family"


"tan family"

details i love details...

tags to go along with compliments from scrapbkmummy

B5 size notebooks..

9 by 9 shadow box - "good times"

more notebooks

thank you for your support this year:)