Monday, November 22, 2010

some more altered frames

promised april to do a mock-up for her xmas orders as i want to try an altered frame with lots of details, sans the photo. It seems to be the trend now if u blog-hop around.

So here I am with my very first official mockup - and of coz the end product is now with mdm chia.

i started off with some old xmas PP - played around without any sketch in mind, and ended up with this.

pretty satisfied with this first project. I love how the mini MR kraft tix blend into the christmas feel of family warmth, celebration and joy. isn't this is what christmas is all abt?! ;)

this is a super aged photo - when En was 18mos. I had printed it extra while working on a LO,and so decided to scrap it into a frame
stay tuned for more 'frame-works'!

my one and only challeng in 2010: {Home Girl}

alright, i haven't been taking part in scrapping challenges since 2007 (when En was born). The last time I did a 'live' challenge was at Laines (in 2006..phew!).

So I was rather tempted when I got invited to Sandy’s Challenge. I'm always tempted to join challenges, but by the time I've settled down with the purchases required, and have the time for it - its already past duedate. So I set my mind really firm this time and armed with limited supply from g.c.d. studio's Homespun Chic Collection (love this collection, but controlled hard not to spend unnecessarily) - I created an altered frame using the title "Home Girl". This is going to be a Xmas gift for a domesticated goddess friend of mine:)

just paper and glass paper clips. The latter is something that you should 'hog'!! ;P

using: g.c.d studio's PP and glass paperclips / Maya Rd's chipboard / Basic Grey's diecut/ MM mini legal letterings and Autumn Leaves' buttons.

i lurvveeeeeeeee the glass paperclip and so hate to part with them...

i can never seem to finish this bag of AL buttons that I bought 2 Christmas ago!! Loads of goodies in it!

the MM mini lettering are my best friend. U can find them in at least 80% of my work

a little anecdote:
we were window shopping as usual with hubby and girls at City Square on a weekend, while I popped into Krafer's Paradise and stepped out with the goodies. Hubby threw me one of his dirty looks that says "buying scrapbook stuff again??". I quickly answered: don't stare at me, this is for a challenge'. He laughed. Laughed because I'm giving excuses to buy? Or laughed because he thinks I'm too naive to join a challenge.
It was the latter. What a boring man with no inspiration in life to look forward to..hahaha

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Echo Park's A Walk In the Park

This is not the latest release or trend, but I still love them just as much. These papers are so bright and cheery, so great for outdoor LO, or even LO featuring children:)

Here is my take...

LO {Undivided Attention}

journalling meant for qi-en

i love the mini trees. Once cut out, they are so versatile!

this chipboard sticker is from KCK, meant to buy it for a Challenge - but it went overdue

2nd work using the same papers: a birthday card for sally

and an altered work.. it works well with MR's chipboard butterfly!
happy weekend!