Friday, July 30, 2010

4months of maternity equates to...

laines GSS

YSS sale

and more shopping...

new LO donning my wall now
{surf's up}
leftover prints from 2009's bintan trip
qi-en @ 41mths and si-xuan @ 2mths old. very lovely picute, i like it:)

making these paper flowers saves me $ and utilise my scraps

{cousin love}
pictures taken in jan2010 at shernice's full month party. how lovely to have sisterly ties like shervelle and qi-en's

happy birthday chunmei! hope u dun hv to work on dat day!
more lovely tags using pretty ribbons and feminine flowers coming up soon ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010


finally took some time to 'file' the old LOs on my wall to the album refills that has been lying around for a long time. Its time for some fresh ones!! Stay tune for new LOs coming along the way and I have a little giveaway in August:)

Just to jot down my personal projects for 2010 as we come to the mid-year:

1) Si Xuan's 1st year album (on-going after where I left off in May)

2) Jude and Shernice's 1st year album (making efforts to take monthly pics of my dear nephew and niece's milestones)

3) Teacher's Day notebooks for En's childcare (halfway glad!)

4) Xmas gifts for close friends (u can hint or tell me what u would like .. ;p, or not like)

5) Calendar for 2011

phew~ that is quite a list to accomplish!!!