Monday, March 29, 2010

just for my qi-en {i am three} & {turning 3.Y.O}

these LOs are especially scrapped for our little princess who has turned THREE in a bat of an eyelid. I still remember counting those sleepless nights where she would simply refuse to z till wee hours in the morning. Watching her grow is alot of joy & sometimes pain (when she gets too handful to handle). Nonetheless, parenthood is enjoyable and makes me a better person. I hope she grows up to be a healthy, happy and confident little lady:)

i love making buttons from the daiso button kit..and using lots of them on my work:)

{i am three}
journaling: this year, you DECIDED to have 'princess' theme! Iwe have a small family party as usual for your 3rd birthday. You chose the mermaid cake by yourself @ Swensens & loved it so much!

{turning 3.Y.O}
journaling: 27Dec2009 - we spent your birthday overnight at Sentosa's Siliso Beach Resort. It was your first time at Sentosa. We had great fun chilling on the beach and watching the dolphin show!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

more altered gift boxes..

I first tried my hand at altering gift box with this, then I got hooked. Its fun but I think only people who would appreciate my work will keep the boxes. it helps me to play my part for recycling instead of throwing them away.

pls don't throw them away if u ever received one from me... alot of work :) U can give it back or recycle for someone else:)

for someone with gorgeous eyes at work ;)

this is for my niece Shervelle's birthday - packed a pretty floral top in this Cedele cakebox. Cute rite ?

this is recycled from a kid's nike shoebox that i got from wolfgirl. box quality is too nice to be thrown away

recycled amazon carton for a frame order from my sis.

this is what went inside the amazon carton

getting tagged...

Friends who know me well will know that I'm a sucker for organising my stuff. So in anticipation of the busy lifestyle when #2 arrives, I've already bought birthday presents for my loved one from March till July (woww... i like to do it early..juz like my xmas shopping..hehe). So I don't feel stressed at the very last minute. Here are plenty of quick tags I've scrapped..sorry folks if u didn't get a big birthday card from me this year..can be pardoned right ;)
for jen

chocolates and happy colors for a happy-go-lucky girl at work

for MS..

for a guy.. i realise its challenging to make guy stuff coz my papers are all so i try to shop for more gender neutral colors..haha

for my 'Duracell Bunny' gf who never have enuff time..i hope she slow down her pace and enjoy the finer things in life.. don't even think she got time to read my blog!

for my best friend ;)

for a very supportive buddy since JC..she is super Ms Nice.

for a SAHM friend - do learn to have some 'me' time

i like this card..not too feminine - for a very strong friend at work

some encouraging words for her.. i bet she will love this gift:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

my wonder glue

don't let its look decieve u, this is a wonderful liquid glue that adheres fabric, paper, metal & buttons! Available at $9.90 at Laines - i swear by it now, and forget abt glue dots which doesn't hold after awhile.

coaster albums {A} and {Z}

this is my last project for now till No 2 arrives.. two coaster albums commissioned by Yat. Thanks for always having faith in my work:)

button over button.. i love playing around with coaster albums as they are pretty quick to put together, and u can use lots of bulky embellishments.

album cover for {A}

the inserts

album cover for {Z}

the inserts