Sunday, November 22, 2009

{baby, you are so loved}

This is for a scrapping buddy who is going to be a mummy very soon - hope she loves it. My very first try at heart-shaped door hanger, lots of previse cutting and edge-filing!! But the end result is satisfying and fun!!

{limited edition #2} - present toppers

These jumbo clothespin (or we called it clothes peg) can be bought 'naked' from Daiso. I dressed them up with some PP scraps, stickers and rub-ons - voila, unique pieces to go with presents and tags.

though u can get ready-made ones at a cheap price from Daiso, but I still prefer the personal touch to it:) So I made them myself. Why limited edition? Coz it is quite tedious to trim down the sizes and economically not cheap ;)

{limited edition} Pull-Out Xmas Cards

I learnt to make these pull-out xmas cards in 2006, that was like 3 years back. Going thru my old samples and I decided to try the square version with my newly-bought glittery chipboard accents... don't they look yummy? COmes in limited edition for the lucky few ;)

closed view of the card..

pull open at the ribbons, and u have a 'hidden' message appearing..

card #2 - closed view

card #2 - pulled open view

card #2 - rear view: u could write your msg on the back of the card, or on the pull-out section, so full msg will be revealed when reciever tugs at the ribbon (like the first card featured here)

card #3 - closed view

card #3 - open view

Monday, November 16, 2009

more tags

we attended my cousin Glenn's 10 y.o birthday party at Granny's house, Aunt April made personalised tags for all the children attending the party - these are for En & Velle, so pretty!!

some tags over the weekend - i love the aeroplane papers - so easy to make for boys-themed stuff:

for cousin Glenn..Pirates Lego Book to go with..

for my neighbour's baby shower - who have been trying for a boy, and congrats! they did it at the 3rd time! Happy for them:)

Monday, November 9, 2009

nothing much

Haven't been scrapping much lately, feeling so tired every night when I reached home. Really need to step up on my speed otherwise it will be another xmas mad-rush:P

Laines' opened a new outlet at Raffles City called the Paper Market. Quite a different concept and refreshing one too:) I love the spacious area that u can shop without bumping into someone else's bum ;)

Here's what I have for the past few weeks of absence:

quick tag for Tian's wedding gift. I bet she will love the gift more than the tag..heheh

something cute and boyish for my cousin Keane's 8 y.o party

aunt april said he love the toys (Ferarri racing track with Hot Wheels) while she likes my tag

this is a pretty tag by aunt april for Keane's party door gift, yummy homebaked chocolate cake. What a domestic goddess mum they have...