Friday, September 25, 2009

another victim!

My dear friend said she want to scrap something for her students who are sitting for their N Level Exam (what a nice teacher!). And so..her first venture into a LSS ended up with lots of impulsive shopping, and ALSO pretty artwork!

and now she is hooked ;)

Just for Nicole

a shadow box sent to States for Nicole's birthday- I hope it arrived on time:)

more cards..

Lots of cards in Aug/Sep :) Most of them done quite awhile ago...

These wooden designs was a sourvenir a friend got from Taiwan, so cute and can't bear to part with them for more than a year..

they came in handy as present topper for kids, just add a mini clothespeg from daiso..

and voila!!

i love these kraft wrappers from Daiso. Can't seem to find them now.

some tags..

a card for Helen..

full view

i love the gift wrapping brand from Malaysia "aeiou" - one of the many cute boxes

for bb Max first birthday - all first birthdays are special

and of coz a first-month gift for a baby boy of Randy's Kakis

Sunday, September 20, 2009

happy 1st birthday to Yong Jie

a picture frame to top off the present for my neighbour's kid, a very cute boy :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

for a wedding anniversary...

Y ordered this to celebrate the XX years of blissful marriage together with her hubby. She will be pinning lots of photos to this cork board. I thought it was some a sweet idea!

Happy Anniversary!

{xin ning & de hao}

Kim ordered this for her two precious. I love the photos taken by her hubby, very nice! I think En resembles abit of Xin Ning at a glance, even Mum and Randy agree!

photo was taken at night, the lack of lighting doesn't do justice to my LO ;P

the final effect

i threw some buttons into the frame for a 'shaker box' effect...

Wedding Guest Book

This would prolly be the first and last wedding guest book I made for 2009, specially for Tian and Lawrence: