Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PK's order

Did up a shadow box and an acrylic frame for PK's order 2 weekends ago. I'm getting to fall in love with 12 by 12 coz the space allows for lots of creativity. Then again - creativity should not be restrained by space - such is my irony in scrapbooking.

12 by 12 acrylic frame for Loren's 1st Bday Celebration. This frame order is getting popular and I even got myself another 3 more frames for the display in my house

9 by 9 shadow box for Chloe's coming 1st Bday. Children turning One these days is a great great deal for parents ;)
I can't emphasize enough that I love scrapping abt kids - u can feel the unconditional love that the parents have for their children, and I somehow felt their love thru' scrapping their memories.

and a little complimentary tag for PK

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the irresistable offer...

Well, popped into PS today supposedly to get ONLY the pageframe maker and saw this flyer, and the rest is history....

gave myself the excuses to stock up on CS for Tian's wedding guestbook

some papers to scrap for the coming trip with my inlaws, en and mom (our firsts)

grabbed a few of these sheer albums for xmas gifts (planning far far ahead, heheh).

So I did behaved myself:)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is a surprise super belated birthday gift for an ex-colleague of mine. It is still sitting on my desk as I couldn't find the time to post it. I hope she loves it when she gets to see it, and so paiseh for the belated gift ;)

She writes well (esp in Chinese), eats well, takes beautiful pictures and bakes well too! And we are both coffee lovers & loves good company of close friends. Like the Chinese saying goes: you do not need alot of friends, you just need a few good friends :)

a farewell card

I haven't been making farewell card for a long, long time. PP called me for help the other day - i hope she likes this =) This card is flying to Germany...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Limited Supply II

After making the LOs on this post, I attempted more 3 more LOs with the balance of my papers last weekend ;)
{slide fun}
was on MC last thursday and took my niece & qi-en to the Playground in the evening for a ride. Its lots of fun and I feel that I've missed out on qi-en's first solo slide. I didn't know she can slide so well:) My niece, is doing well too!
{diaper fun}
these blurry photos were taken off mum's hp - but I tot they are so scrap-worthy! so i have them here... very cheeky girl. Mum said I should send these photos to Nepia for endorsement opportunities, i think she is star-struck crazy!
{are u seeing double?}
photos from mum's hp as well, they are growning so much alike from certain angles!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Will this layout win some favouritism votes from McDonalds?

and a recycled packaging with a cute owl print - always my fave with kids' theme {for BB Jez's first BD}