Sunday, May 31, 2009

some good buys

Went to MWL on Friday night with En to get some inspiration for Peranakan themed corporate brochure & stuff. I got lucky and won a 30% coupon off 1 item for the next purchase, without further delay - I got En to picked a nice bag of buttons for the great discount. Frankly speaking, there isn't much scrapping stuff I need lately - I'm trying to finish my papers to the last bit before I start loading again. I've learnt to be less compulsive ;)

these lovely Peranakan-themed papers are from Far Flung Craft. An expat living in Singapore - these papers are printed and designed in Singapore!! Can u believe it?

En is very into buttons now ever since I've involved her in sticking buttons on my scrap stuff. So expect to see lots of button-work;) However, the following fabric buttons below are sooooo exp..$13.50 for three (the cashier told me its $9.95. I later realised the price is after disct)... I must make good use of them

some good buys at Daiso;) Have to Control myself.
and here are some good stuff that Nicole brought back from States. She is too occupied with Cheyenne to scrap and so I got lucky:) Only did I found out from her that Elsie Flannagan is taking a break from scrapping scene. I'm so out of touch. Am missing her quirkness & creativity!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Door Hangers for Babies

Lots of babies have arrived over the last few months, and these are what I've scrapped for my friends' princes;)
the bright blue grosgrain ribbon is recycled from Jones the Grocer's cupcakes..good to eat, and so nice to use!!!
and guess what?! En-en is the one who helped me to randomly stick those buttons on!! She is getting it ;)

I celebrate Mother's Day

I celebrated this Mother's Day by scrapping for the great women in my life:

Topped up pages in the mini album for Mum which I gave for her birthday last year - narrating the past one year of family events

Some facial masks for my aunts who are wonderful mothers to my cousins, with a little gift tag:

I scrapped two 8 by 8 layouts for Sis and Fel and had them framed in the Pagemakers... so lovely!

{ MY SUPER MUMMY} for sis

{MUM THE BEST} for Fel

and lastly - a frame for my grandma, ahmah - whose birthday falls near Mother's Day and the Tan clan always celebrated both occasions together =)

quick tags

Some quick tags to go with the baby gifts using my scraps:) took me less than 10mins to do this..and a birthday card for best friend E. I wasn't too satisfied with the end results, but this was done under tight time of 10mins ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Maya Rd Album for Shervelle

For Shervelle's 2nd birthday of coz - while i scrapped, i can't help but marvel at this little princess' cuteness & charm! Oops, or was that my maternal instinct?? ;)