Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 - just for Qi'En

Here are the last 3 layouts that I scrapped for Qi'En this year. All done on 26th morning, when I haev some time while both of them slept in late as usual. I love scrapping in the morning, very quiet, nice breeze and natural light =) A good way to start the day!

this is a xmas tag from Aunt April with my name... and I recycled it on my LO, as below...

can u find Aunt April's tag? This LO is for our Hippo Bus Tour on 9th Dec 09. something to remember :)

this is for our beautiful flower girl at Tian & Law's wedding in Nov09. Lastly, very well-taken pics of our cheeky girl in Oct09 by Aunt April below... how can I resist to scrap such beautiful photos ;)

a little journalling from scrapbookmummy to her princess EnEn:)

and that's abt all for xmas.... and 2009

Aunt April scrapped lovely tags!! This is one of the Xms tags that she did - for Mum, and I have one too!! I realised my xmas tags are all very red & green, maybe next year I will have a Blue & White Theme (if I have time to scrap, that is)

for Lawrence and Shubin, another scrapping fanatic...

for Dear's office colleague

birthday tag for my sis, who has the WHOLE world to countdown with... wow!

and a belated birthday tag for Tian

Maya Road Albums {Family 2009} & {Wedding of L & J}

I scrapped these albums for my family members - sis & bro's family - to recap the good times we had in 2009 - that should explain their 'whys' am i always taking photos. Our girls grow really fast and I think this is a good way to recap those good times:)

this is for Kin and Fel...

for sis and sanderson...
and for Tian & Lawrence - I bet their wedding will be the most memorable event of 2009:)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

{nicknames} and {G is for GROW}

I love making shadow boxes as 9 by 9 is a good size to scrap with, and I get to use lots of 3D-effect without worrying abt the bulk.

Here are two shadow boxes that I scrapped for Mdm Chia & Mdm Yong, who both seems to have almost everything, probably except this keepsakes which I hope can last a longtime:)

{G is for GROW}


i love using tiny primas and buttons for this additional 'shaker box' effect these days ;)
an extra photo that I've printed, and it will be going to Mdm C of coz:)

Last order of 2009

This is my last order for 2009, thanks to ah doe for the order - i do hope the recipients like it:)

last of those tags & cards for 2009

I can't believe that I'm still scrapping on Xmas Day itself even though I've started my shopping moons ago!! I think next year I need to cut down the details and simplify things when #2 gets along... I might not even have time to shop for christmas gifts at all!!

a 5 by 8 inch card for the office boss who is everyone's fave and thus need more space for the well wishes ;) This was done in a night..jiffy!

i love the 3-d effect of this cut-out house on the card

for one of the dept's team

for qi-en's school and i realised they place it at the entrance where all the parents sign in/out :) thank u =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!1

So the lucky winner goes to ..

Sockling for the notepad..and Sabrina for the gift toppers.
Pls email me your mailing addy and I will post out tomorrow:)


Friday, December 18, 2009

more cards...

the last batch of Xmas cards for my girlfriends:) I love the shimmering effect of the Xmas paper, and the word pebbles:)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Christmas Gift-away

I have two gifts for Christmas to you guys out there:) A little way to thank you for following through my blog these whole year, despite times when I MIA for awhile, or despite times when my creativity juices run dry ...

All you need to do is to drop me a name by end of this Sunday (20th Dec - 12MN, and I will pick a name from the lucky readers to send this off;) Hopefully, it can reach u before Xmas!!

RAK #1 - A pair of jumbo gift toppers to one lucky reader (design not shown here, this is a sample photo only)

RAK#2 : a Christmas themed notepad, good for yourself or for a gift. Comes wrapped in transparent cellophane bag:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mint Jars from Ikea - Christmas Idea

I've been cracking my brain what to get for the other teams whom have been providing great support throughout my course of work. However, giving individual gifts means more time & $$ required - and I don't have either.

Came across an Ikea Jar that Faith did and it inspired some ideas in me:)

Here are some simple steps to share, and good for last minute gift as well:

- 1 glass jar (Mine is a 1L jar with lid from Ikea)
- ribbons
- rub-ons
- stickers (translucent ones are good for glass effect)
- scraps of papers

1) Clean the jar surface (so rub-ons and stickers can stay)
2) Apply stickers to glass surface
3) Apply rub-ons to jar lid (metal surface)
4) Tie ribbons around the jar neck, and attached tag if preferred
5) fill with lots of xmas goodies or candies, and you are good to go!!

easy, peasy rite? and oh so pretty!!

this is the mini version for individual. but i'm too kiasu, my tag is tooooooo huge. Haha

getting tagged...

I guessed I've made like 60-80 over cards and tags this Christmas, with most of them here!! Running out of time and lack of energy to make personalised gifts for everyone this year, and so I make sure at least a tag/card to go with the presents.

Hahah, I deserved a pat on my back, and hopefully all the recipients love them:)

these cards are going overseas!
the earlier batches of tags

for the office

for office n friends

more for the office
for my relatives...

office again... i got lots of colleagues!!

for my aunts and neighbours




hope u are inspired after seeing all these:) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!