Sunday, November 23, 2008


Woke up early today to scrap a last-min baby gift for this afternoon's baby shower of Dear's friend. Simple Ikea frame, with MM Animal Crackers paper - they are such a beauty for baby boy gift;)

I love these MM tiny ledger alphas - love them so much that I grabbed 4 packs when Laines' restocked them. They have been OSS for quite awhile.

how abt a little heart charm for a bundle of joy?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

fast tags

Usually when I scrap, I tried to make cards or tags from the leftovers, so I can always put them to good use during 'emergencies'. I bet you encounter times where U've got a perfect gift but no time to get or make a card to go along with...

I've made these tags for 'stand-by', all you need to do is just to add on initials of the recipient's name, and there u go!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heart palpitation

my heart is palpitating everytime i think of these goodies coupons and the $$$$ i could save...hehhehe... just that no time to go....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

weekend layout

I've been rather busy and not much time to scrap. This weekend, got some free time on hand and scrapped this Halloween layout - a photo that you should have seen on my personal blog some weeks back. Both the Halloween paper at MWL and decided to scrap for fun:

ran out of white ink and so I doodled the edges with white pen...quite a good effect - no need to buy inkpad ;P

dressing up my scissor for Christmas...stay tune and you might get lucky with Santa ;)

Monday, November 3, 2008

November babies in Veri-itchy Biz Ctr

Hope u guys love the cards I made! Miss u all!

for the calm and quiet Ching Pei
for Kailing, hope you are still into scrapping
for the one and only HotMama, Judy - our best Secretary in the WWW

for my ex-neighbour & scrapping buddy, Faith. Now blissfully newly-wedded in Beijing. She is a believer of her own dreams, very inspiring woman to me. And u know how much i love u right...coz i used my treasured Love Elsie stuff for u!!
for the witty scholar in Biz Ct, Mr Vance - who dropped me an email this morning:By the way, thank you very much for making the b-day card for me. Truly appreciate it, and take it as your last ‘farewell’ gift for me
for the very petite and stylishly chic Trudy - your style rocks!
not forgetting April the Queen - do you still remember you said you love this series of papers from Lasasafrass (what a long name!!). So I reserved my balance collection for you:) Love it?