Friday, February 29, 2008

Fully Booked for March & April

I'm happy - I've got customised orders fully booked for Mar & Apr, and with some special Project for Mother's Day.

Thank you for your support but I won't be taking customised orders that require delivery in Mar to April.

Please feel free to drop me a line at if you need something outside this period.

Thanks again!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zutter Wire-O

I only got to know I could get loose pieces of the Wire-O from Laines yesterday. This is great news as I no longer need to buy the whole box, I can have a great variety of sizes.

Some 'news' to share if you need them;)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paint & Stamp Class @ Laines

I attended this class at Laine’s after postponing it for three times since last year. The vouchers that I received from the girls are expiring and I thought I better do something with it.

This class teaches you different techniques of playing around with paint & stamp. It also gives great tips on what kind of ink is good for what kind of stamping. I never knew there were sooooo much types of ink. We were all given a 'naked' AC album of our choice to work on. Most of the work are using the different techniques in creative ways to dress up a 3D album. There are not photos involved. All materials you see here are provided in the class except for the letterings and the key ornament that belongs to my stash.

I'm happy with what I have ;) esp the 3D effect on the cover. Could never make such a complicated one - but it takes LOTSSSSSSSSSS of effort to do it. Nice class, good for beginners in the stamp & paint dept. You even get to keep the notes !! Cool! I'm going to use this album for my family tree together with the K&Co kit I received last Xmas from the CBC ladies!!

{Album Cover - full front}

{Back cover}

{details! details! i love details}

While editing the photos I took, I thought of a game and ONE lucky winner who guess all 3 letters correct will have a RAK from me ;). This is how it goes:

  1. Observe the title "LOVE" above. The L, V & E are not in their 'natural' form. They are 'created' from other lettering except the real L, V & E.

  2. The game is to guess what are the letters that I have used to 'make' these 3 alphas.

  3. I will pick one lucky winner from the correct answers and a little token will be on the way to you!

  4. It's that easy - drop me the answers by commenting on this post NOW!!!

  5. The closing date is 9th March Sunday 12MN. Come on, put on your thinking cap!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Daiso finds

Daiso is a haven for crafters, infact for almost every Singaporean ;). Dropped by Daiso before our movie date today and got these good bargains. This is the only place where I can shop for my stuff and R will never complain of the price or time spent, coz he kept himself occupied with the stationery, tools and knick knacks depts

a wide variety available - i got the gingham, ric rac & grosgrain. Love the colors too.I have to control myself not to get a pack of different shades.

and some huge clothespin for a new project ;)

Need I say more? GO GET THEM!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby gifts

Tian commissioned me to make these for her friend's baby gifts. I came up with a door hanger and a photo frame fit for a 4R photo.

I'm into the beads look lately - I love how it added a feminine and sweet touch to my works;)

photo frame with name (a subtle one, not screaming out lot type)

door hanger (Front look)

door hanger (back look with space for message)

beads @ work

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

1st Guestbook Order

I've done quite a few wedding guestbooks for family members and friends - but never a 'commercial' one. So I got excited when April commissioned me to do one for her cousin's ROM. At the same time, I'm also 'stressed' with the outcome. What if it is not what she wants? What if it is not good enough??

So here is the final product - I'm quite happy with it. I hope her cousin is too;)

Album details:
- 6 by 8 inch (H x W)
- cardboard cover & back
- inserts with 5 photos

She also commissioned me to make two table stands for the restaurant:
- size - CD casing size

These are the lovely pegs I made as a wedding token for her cousin:


- guestbook from $20 onwards

- table stands from $10 for a pair

- peg @ $1.00 each/ min order of 5pcs

Thursday, February 14, 2008

going shanghai

I scrapped lots last nite, my achievements:

1) 2 A5 notebooks

2) door hanger

3) 42 flowers

Wow!!!! These notebooks are going to Shanghai for two ex-colleagues. Hope they like it.

Live. Love. Scrap

{ Live to Scrap with Love } - this is a 'slogan' that I came up with while scrapping for office gifts for Valentine's Day.
I hope my colleagues like what they've got:)

and a little RAK for my scrapping kakis, Faith & PP:

Credits: Inspired by the MWL team.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Door Hanger

This was a reeally last min order from Sis - first time altering a door hanger for sale, I hope she likes it.

Door hanger size will be updated soon. Material of door hanger: compressed wood board.

Customisation available from SGD10.00 (comes in cellaphone bag).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Postman Postman I Love U!!!

I went to MWL today coz' my shipment from YSS has not yet arrived, and I needed something urgent for April's new project. I guessed I haven't been SB-shopping for quite awhile (the last was Laine's 40% sale in Dec) - I bought 5 PPs today, and it cost me $8 after my Scrapaholic discount!! I thought that was exp!!

I got home from dinner with the girls, and Randy said there was a parcel for me. He didn't know what it is for. I checked the cover...Priority Mail from USA - my loot arrived!!!!!!!!! (OMG, shouldn't have spent at MWL).

THESE papers and stuff cost me below $100, and I'm talking abt SGD!!! Shipping via Vpost wasn't expensive either. Going through my loot happily and I can't help but exclaimed the LSS prices are way too exorbitant. Guess I will stick to online purchase for my SB stuff.

THESE are what I got from YSS sale and it could last me for a few months!!! Lots and lots and lots of papers...THESE are going to make Faith and PP go green **evil wink**. Now I feel like a mini MWL or Laines showing off my stash ;p

Chipboard accent, rub-ons, hambly & 7G stamp

Lotsssssssss of papers yah!!

this mood paper is cute!

Making Memories & Love Elsie

Imagine Project & Chocolate Bunnies

Rhorrer Farrer (I went crazy over the Dove paper)

Lil Davis Design

Basic Grey Mellow series

October Afternoon

Scenic Route

La' Sasafras I can't wait for the CHA 2008 release in the States!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


{MamaShop} 'reopened' on 2nd Day of CNY with the project of making Valentine's day tag cards for my girlfriends and my BB Niece's full month.
I never knew making tags could took so much effort & stuff!! R was using the study and so I have to shift my stash to the living room - see what it takes to make 4 sets of tag-cards and 2 gift tag!! OMG.


Love this basket from the Xmas Crabtree gift set - holds my chipboard stuff nicely!!

I got inspired by Aida's blog to create these tags for my gf. I hope they like it:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well, the Chinese believes in 收工 (Shou Gong) and 开工 (Kai Gong). So you don't work through the New Year, otherwise you will slog for the rest of your live.

For {MamaShop}, I've decided to 收工 (close for the day - or for the year) with this order from Pooi. They are going to Malaysia. It's a pity I couldn't give it to her on time - coz I was really sick and out for the last 14days. Talking about this, I hope everyone around me will be blessed with good health, it is more important than wealth.

Okay, my 新年收工佳作, Happy Chinese New Year everyone :)

for someone bright & cheerful

for someone more 'subdued'

she requested for bookmarks to go with the notebooks

little gift tags for my customer

and of coz, I finally did up a notebook for myself @ work. FINALLY!!!