Thursday, January 24, 2008

More notebooks!

It seems like people love notebooks!!! I got more orders from my colleagues April & JC - these notebooks are going US, Japan & Germany - wow wow wow!!

Details: A5-sized notebook spiral bound, double-sided single-lined pages and comes with a inner slip-pocket behind the cover. Customization is available from SGD9.00 onwards.

some close-up on the details:)

Frame - Wedding Gift

I altered an Ikea wooden frame for a colleague's order. This frame holds a 4R photo. Customisation available from SGD10.00 (without packaging).

Thanks for looking!

recycled a wedding token to use as packaging:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

{ from us ...remember }

Made this calendar with a layout of our pics for a colleague's farewell. This gift is going to Bloeblingen in Germany!!! My art travels!

Randy's order - notebooks

Production completed - hope the recipients love it!

These notebooks are H21cm by W16.5cm, double sided single-lined pages - comes with a 2008 calendar & a pocket behind the cover, and has clear plastic cover on front & back. Customization available from $15.00 onwards.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My SB Goals for 2008

So..we made resolutions every year and try to keep them. This year - I have additional set of goals - scrapbooking!! Here is my list:

1) Fatherhood album
2) Qi-En's first year milestone album (which is long long overdue)
3) Book Of Me ( I scrap so much abt others and for others - this year - I want to scrap abt myself. This will be a random collections of Me in 2008 lifting challenges from this book)
4) The Toddler Year (of QE)
5) Family album (trying to trace back my roots - 12*12)

As for {MamaShop}, I have these humble dreams:

- launching new stuff for Valentines Day

- doing more customised albums

- setting up a stall in a fair (this will be a very very huge step for me if it comes thru').

That's for all now!!

Altered Mini Planner

I was kinda 'devastated' when I found out that the mini plannet I got from Daiso was sold out - coz I have altered mine for Sab. Then my Simply Her issue arrived at my doorstep with this slightly bigger size of a mini planner.

I altered the cover with 100% 7G stuff. Aww..I love the gaffer tape:)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

K & Co Door Hanger

My scrapping is very fruitful on the First Day of the Brand-new Year! I did something for my baby using the Christmas gift from Pooi, Mentor, SL & Cat:)
Hey girls, I had fun making this - and guess what? The packing guys happily packed in extra stickers!!! Hohoho..nice surprise:)

This was a really easy-peasy project coz it was just cut & stick as the papers are self-adhesive;) One down size - the papers are not die-cut PERFECTLY to fit the door u got to do abit of trimming here and there to fit in everything nicely;) This is a good gift to buy for non-scrapping friends;)

100% made from the door hang kit..

its 2-sided
i made another one using my stash and the extra stickers from the kit
message for Baby S