Wednesday, November 28, 2007

MS - wedding token

Attended a wedding lunch 2 weeks back - friend of R's. The bride handpacked & made this wedding tokens for giftaway. I thought it looks nice, and practical.

I love the flower epoxy sticker - its on my laptop now ;)

Joelyn's first Xmas Card

Tiantian MSNed me the other day - she wanted to make Xmas cards for church friends. I gave her some tips and samples. She SMSed me yesterday.. her first Christmas card. I thought that was not 'raw' at all. Very good work for a first-timer:)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Birthday Card

Using scraps from my Sheer Madness card, I made this birthday card for Faith:) This was done quite awhile ago..I can only post it now coz' we just celebrated her birthday last week:)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

sweet {note only}

I know...I should be working and studying..but I'm scrapping ; P
Okay, it only took me like 10mins to do this, and another 5mins to blog abt it alright... I really hate to work on a PH u know!! And Boy, I'm so stressed out that I need to scrap to destress!

Can't resist the temptation to grab this 3M Popper & altered it, as soon as I saw it in the 8Days Magazine. So I went off to United Sq for our lunch and grab one of this Popper to try.

How do u like this? Its great for office gift..and I'm gonna rush to Popular to grab a couple soon..before its all sold out!!

overall view

popped up note

close up

Now, back to work & study.
[Credits: Basic Grey Rub-On, AC Remarks Stickers, Prima Flower and MAMBI crystals]

Monday, November 5, 2007

MWL 4th Birthday Treat

Ala-campbell soup epoxy stickers that I got from MWL as part of their birthday celebration. Aren't they scrapalicious :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Farewell Album for JC

Finally I can blog this!! A farewell album I've made for JC. Please with the results.

I'm going to hang up my 'scissors & glue' for a month..time to study: ) Be back in Dec with more goodies to share!!

Cover & its Details

Page 1 - so many farewells...

Page 2 - it's your turn!

Page 3 - we've been thru' thick & thin..

Page 4 - ... and had so much fun!

Page 5 - with so many nice people..

Page 6 - still wanna leave us? (added pages for our well-wishes)

inner pages details