Thursday, October 25, 2007

Class @ MWL - Sheer Madness!

I took a night's off to attend this class by my fave designer, Brenda-Mae Teo. I read from her blog that this will be the last design class that she is conducting, and so I signed up without any hesistation. And to my pleasant surprise, she is due soon with #3, ahhh..that explains why.

Something about Brenda - know abt her thru TSL and love all her works. She has a style of her own, loads of detail & intricately done. It's a pity that she will be disappearing from the SB scene for awhile..Brenda, hope you have time to teach again when u settle down:) Take care till then!!!

I stayed up finish this Maya Road album, completed with pics & the end-result thou' it was a bumpy start (lack of acrylic blocks, choose wrong color paint for cover, not very good with clear stamps too....) Nice class, enjoyed it:)

Abt the finished album:

It's a 6pg mini album made from plastic. The 4 inner pages have photo facing the front, and journalling on the back.

The cover and back page of the album.
Cover says: BIG DEAL!!

Journalling at the back of cover: I make an attempt to cpature things that matter the world to first 'very me' album about myself!

The 4 inner pages:

P1: { 1- TODAY !! }
(journal: what matters is 'NOW', the rest is history. I MUST cherish every 'today's that i have. Laugh, share & embrace!)

P2: { 2- Dear Dear!!! }
(journal: randy & merlinda => love & happiness. The formula will not work without either one)

p3: { 3- Family}
(Journal: i'm so glad that i'm blessed with a closely-knit family. We stand by each other thru's many trying moments. What more could I ask for?)

P4: { 4-Journey }
(Journal: count not the steps or the sweat in the journey. Savour each moment as it come & "enjoy the process".)

Close-up on the details

[special credits goes to Jen, Adel & Helen for the MWL vouchers - that gives me an excuse to attend classes without feeling the pinch;p ]... oh..this is a very wordy post...:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I scrapped these two frames for Bosses' Week last week. Kept it simple & nice:)

altered a 3D-frame from Daiso (looks like a shadow box, minus the glass cover)

altered a chalkboard also from Daiso

[Credits: IT Kit Aug & Sep subscription/ HS Flowers/Daiso]

Monday, October 15, 2007

Brag Bk of Qi'En - Mother's Day Gift

Made this brag book for MIL on Mother's Day...but I realised it got ended up in my Sis-in-law's room. Anyway, I still want to 'showcase' my efforts here.


some of the pages....

cover - {adored & loved}

above {我是黄琪蒽} and below {您好吗?}


{爸爸} and {妈妈}

details & closeup


I realised, when you make a SB gift for someone, make sure the recipient appreciates the time & effort behind the project..otherwise, its just another photo album to them.

A scrapbook is a preservation of heritage & memories. It's NOT just another photo album.