Monday, December 26, 2011

the long awaited album of XN - just for Kim

a 8by8 album journalling the first 5yrs of XN - baby milestones and toddlerhood all rolled into 30pages of LO. Phew~! Glad I made it by Christmas!

very poetic names written by the grandpa

XN @ 9M

arrival of Didi...and playing together

i love this pic. it has a Korean Pop feel, but is taken in KL!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

and all these for Christmas:)

almost finishing off for christmas - not very last-min this year;) thanks for looking!

my youngest niece, LeAnne

i love the layering effect. so fun to make

for a mummy at workplace

for the dept's gift-exchange

a simple card with a BIG wish, for the boss & family

i love how the Maya Rd trinket pins worked with the ribbons, it gives off a delicate feel

magnetic gift tags for the colleagues @ work

'last min' tags

and I have an album coming up to share!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

more xmas gifts completed :)

counting down - 2 more weeks to xmas, will i still be a last-min queen this year?

i like this, just be yourself:)

a sticker that I used for a 2012 calendar for my inlaws. nice phrase

i love this!! official duties of Motherhood!

gingerbread man magnets

and a mini album for YC

some little peeks

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sew fun 2!

some old pics while tidying up my hard disk - i've stop sewing since sep..goodness.

here are some very simple sewing - coz' im not an expert yet ;)

bolstercase for en in her fave jap character

beansprout pillows for a colleague, a friend and LeAnne - my new niece who arrived in Oct. This time, I attempted to sew on ribbons at the end for embellishment.

and a beansprout pillow for a baby boy :)

i hope your weekend was good, and phew~ its finally mid of the week!

Monday, November 21, 2011

quick tags & more

its a fruitful weekend at home, scrapping lots of xmas goodies!

I sure love my scallop punch as it makes life so much easier for me! Here is a 'mass production' of gift tags which will be individual embellished for the extra touch.

tada!! the final look (if u still remember the white paperbags from my previous post, here they are!)

happy wrapping:)

and a notebook for a very busy bee

these are MR chipboards from Last Xmas (OMG!) and I made them into fridge magnets. Pardon the lighting as it was taken at wee hours in the morning.

so have u got more scrapping ideas for xmas? :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

get tagged...go!

17 name tags in two weeks :) quite an achievement for myself ;)

these are xmas gifts for the little kids of my friends & colliks - mainly to be use as a bag tag for the kids in school or childcare. Hope they like it just as I do, I enjoyed making them so much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

random christmas crafting

I've gearing up for christmas early and have completed a few projects (ahem, proudly). Somehow, each year I tried to start off early, but procrastination came in and things got out of hand, and my hubby will see me burning midnite oil to finish my crafted gifts ;) that's me! huge procrastinator!

these are plain paper bags that I bought from daiso. I had fun misting, stamping and decorating them - they will be used to hold little gifts for my friends:)

got this memo box from Krafter's Paradise long long time ago and haven't been putting them to good use. Finally add some touches to it, and it looks amazingly beautiful (thickskinned, but i really love the effect!). It can be used as a trinket box to hold your girlie stuff, or use it as a memo holder, and I even plan to put a mini album in one of them :)

well, a notebook always comes in handy in our job. and here is one for Ms T @ work :)

I had fun lately making mini album out of cardstock, thick PP and just glue. This is one mini for a SAHM friend of mine:) Hopefully this raise her mood when she feels down during those 24hrs x 365days of non-stop parenting. Honestly, I doubt I can survived being a SAHM, my patience is so limited. So hats off to C, my dear friend:)

And this is the FIRST xmas project I have completed for 2011, an art journal for a little boy :) Oops, I guess the mummy will be reading here - so just a sneak preview for u.

stay tuned to my 'collection' of name tags for the kids, and more quick and go gift-tags!